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Publicist Catherine Olim Does Cindy Adams Wrong


So what if she enjoys the foxy lettuce sometimes?
Cindy is our girl.Photo: Getty Images

Let’s just say it. Hollywood publicists and particularly PMK-HBH publicists are notorious for being … difficult. But today, Nicole Kidman’s flack, Catherine Olim, crossed a line! Yesterday, Cindy Adams reported in her column that pregnant Nicole Kidman enjoyed a nice glass of white wine backstage at the Oscars the other night. Nothing wrong with that, we said to ourselves when we read it. Nicole’s just being European, and anyway our mom drank 40s of malt liquor all through her pregnancy and look how great we turned out. But Ms. Olim, it turned out, was not about to let this slide. “I try to ignore your column, unlike most of the rest of the world, because it is so nasty,” she wrote in a charming e-mail to Perez Hilton, who had picked up the item from Adams. “But I have to tell you that Nicole Kidman most certainly did NOT drink white wine or any other alcoholic beverage backstage. She had water and lemon zinger tea. That’s it. I know, I was there with her.” Then she said the unforgivable. “I cannot remember that last time that Cindy Adams got anything right. She’s an idiot, and you can quote me.

Okay, lady? If you want to go out there and say, “No, Nicole hasn’t had a boob job and she doesn’t dye her hair and she eats perfectly healthily and she did not get paid a ton of money to enter into a marital contract with Tom Cruise,” then that’s your business. You’re the one that’s going to have to justify yourself to the Lord on Judgment Day. Or whatever. But anyone who smack-talks our Cindy has to reckon with us! And we are … fierce.

Nicole Not Boozing It Up At Oscars Says Rep [Perez Hilton]
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Publicist Catherine Olim Does Cindy Adams Wrong