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Potential ‘Gossip Girl’ Fashion Show Thwarted by Super Bowl

Antonio Azzuolo

That’s so Chuck circa episode thirteen: “A Thin
Line Between Chuck and Nate.”Photo: NYT

Now, we’re not too familiar with menswear designer Antonio Azzuolo. According to the Times’ Moment blog, he’s worked at Hermès and Ralph Lauren. And this Fashion Week, he showed a line of extremely preppy suits, coats, and accessories under his a.a. label. So why do we here at Daily Intel care? Because according to the Moment, Azzuolo had a very unique source of inspiration. Not something pretentious and normal like, say, “German Expressionism” or “The films of the 1930s.” No, no, no. His inspiration was Gossip Girl! Bouncy Times blogger Jonathan S. Paul had the following conversation with the designer:

Paul: Do you watch Gossip Girl?

Azzuolo: Oh yes — we went for that kind of character. Very Upper East Side. We were going to get the guys from the show to model but two of them were at the Super Bowl today so it fell though.

OMG, Nate and Chuck and Dan in a fashion show?? We would die a thousand deaths of joy. What an unfair world it is in which something as glorious as last night’s game cannot coexist with something as stupendous as an all–Gossip Girl fashion show. We’re sure we’re not alone in caring about both. Okay, maybe we are.

Chuck Bass in a.a. [The Moment/NYT]

Potential ‘Gossip Girl’ Fashion Show Thwarted by Super Bowl