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PR Firm KCD May Have Been Involved in Marc Jacobs Bribery Mess

Marc Jacobs

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New details have emerged after last night’s announcement by the state attorney general, Andrew Cuomo, that Marc Jacobs International may have paid up to $30,000 in bribes to a superintendent of the Lexington Avenue Armory, where the designer’s fashion show has taken place over the past few years. It turns out that Jacobs, whose show takes place at the location on Friday, is the subject of an ongoing criminal investigation as well. “It’s illegal to receive a bribe, but it can also be illegal to pay a bribe,” Cuomo told the Post. And Marc isn’t the only New York icon who might be dragged into this mess. KCD, the fashion-PR powerhouse that handles the booking and design of his (and many other) shows, is also under scrutiny by the AG’s office. Apparently, Jacobs had allegedly been paying James Jackson, the Armory administrator, for nearly a decade, through KCD as an intermediary. Oh, no! The smear of this scandal is spreading across the fashion scene. Will Julie Mannion, the KCD design guru who has created Marc’s shows, be involved? What about Bonnie Morrison, the jocular face of the firm these days? KCD hasn’t been charged with anything, but these are socialites; we need them to stay unsullied. Think about the party pictures, people! The party pictures.

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PR Firm KCD May Have Been Involved in Marc Jacobs Bribery Mess