Seinfeld Loves Bozo

Jerry Seinfeld

Photo: Getty Images

Jerry Seinfeld says the first comic he found funny was Bozo the Clown. Model Agyness Deyn celebrated her 25th birthday at Don Hills by throwing cake at the crowd. Neil Strauss offers pick-up tips to Rush and Molloy. Pegu Club bartender Erin Williams is currently in Kittila, Lapland, competing in the tenth annual Finlandia Vodka Cup. Diff’rent Strokes star Gary Coleman got married to a Utah redhead a foot taller and eighteen years younger (and he lost his virginity – thanks for ruining our breakfast, “Page Six”!).

Val Kilmer may be replacing Will Arnett as the voice of KITT, the talking car from Knight Rider, because Arnett does ads for GMC trucks and KITT is a Ford Mustang. Britney Spears may have married creepy boyfriend Adnan Ghalib in Mexico last month, but it doesn’t matter because he hasn’t yet divorced his previous wife. Band-Aid heiress Libet Johnson and ex-boyfriend Dr. Lionel Bissoon are still fighting over the 5-year-old Cambodian orphan they brought over in 2003. Paris Hilton celebrated her 27th birthday in Los Angeles by club and house-party hopping. A journalist took issue with wine critic Robert Parker’s vastly influential 100-point scale for rating wines. Dominick Dunne has a small part in HBO’s movie about Doris Duke because he used to be friends with Duke’s flamboyant Irish butler, Bernard Lafferty. The Insider host Pat O’Brien may or may not have hired a $50,000-a-month security guard to protect him from the paparazzi while he’s in rehab at the Wonderland Center in L.A. Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are getting their $35 million Beverly Hills mansion renovated, but are moving back in on March 1. Forty-two-year-old Janet Jackson wants to have a child. The Palm Beach town council unanimously passed a ban on letting chain restaurants move into the area. (There is, however, one Starbucks.) Vogue’s Andre Leon Talley may miss the Paris womenswear shows because he’s volunteering for Barack Obama’s campaign. George Clooney ate at Patsy’s with his mom and dad. Teri Hatcher tells Cindy Adams that she’s positive her child was conceived on Valentine’s Day because she only had sex (with ex-husband Jon Tenney) once that year.

Seinfeld Loves Bozo