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A Brief Appreciation of the Genius of Sharon Bush

Sharon Bush

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Hot off the heels of her most recent scandal — in which the 55-year-old ex-wife of Neil Bush refused to give back the engagement ring given to her by former beau Gerald Tsai — Sharon Bush is on “Page Six” again, talking about John F. Kennedy’s supposedly illegitimate son, Jack Worthington. Apparently, they dated. “We dated just after my divorce for about a year,” Sharon told the Post, calling him “a very caring individual who is active in philanthropies.” This reminded us: Sharon Bush is freaking amazing. Let’s take a look back at some of her best moments, shall we?

•Arguably, Neil Bush’s behavior was bad. (He slept with “three or four” possible prostitutes in Asia, he told lawyers.) But Sharon’s was perhaps not so great, either. Houston lawyer John Spalding claimed that she had yanked hair out of Neil’s head in order to make a voodoo doll and put a curse on her ex-husband. “It was bizarre,” he told the Washington Post. “She literally pulled his hair and yanked it out of his head.”

I pulled Neil’s hair out because I wanted to get it tested for cocaine, not because of voodoo,” Sharon countered in Vanity Fair. Oh, okay.

• In April 2003, Sharon tells the Observer she will write a tell-all book about the Bush dynasty. “I have a lot of stories to tell,” she says. Three days after the story comes out, she scraps her plans and accepts a development position with the American Ireland Fund.

• Sharon is quoted in Kitty Kelley’s 2004 book, The Family, saying, “Bush did coke at Camp David when his father was president, and not just once either.” She later denies she said it.

• This past October, Sharon says that becoming a devoted follower of Houston-based TV evangelist Joel Osteen has helped her heal from the divorce. “I went to church with the Bushes, then they basically put me on the street with a shopping cart,” she told “Page Six.” “Joel helped me. I’m now working on forgiveness.”

• Sharon is “spotted” by pal Cindy Adams standing in the Air France check-in line at Newark Airport. She is wearing a fur coat and high heels and carrying a Louis Vuitton handbag. She is waiting in line for coach.

• “I love Law and Order!” Sharon tells the Observer. “Of course I also watch the news, but the news is depressing.”

• January 2007: Sharon gets engaged to billionaire Gerald Tsai, who buys her an enormous eleven-carat canary-diamond ring.

• February 2008: Gerald Tsai sues for the ring back. “He’s a Native-American giver,” Bush lawyer Raoul Felder tells the Post.

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A Brief Appreciation of the Genius of Sharon Bush