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The ‘Early Show’ Office Is More or Less As Dysfunctional As Yours

Harry Smith

Is Harry Smith feeling pleasure…or pain? Photo: Patrick McMullan

Early Show producer Shelley Ross’s staff is revolting against her! Apparently 21 people have left the CBS program since she started in September, and others are, well, just complaining to “Page Six.” “I can’t stand working here anymore. I can’t stand people being humiliated this way,” one producer told the paper today. Beefs include the fact that Ross supposedly wants everyone to work 18-hour days, made one producer read an apology after he joked about the lameness of a segment they were doing on people who were “addicted to lip balm,” and told a guy to reschedule a colonoscopy because it was sweeps week. “I’ve seen a lot of crazy people, but she takes the cake,” the staffer said. Um, really? We don’t know about you, but we don’t really think this sounds that bad. This is New York, where legendarily crazy bosses flourish as potatoes do in Idaho. Hasn’t this dude ever heard of Ball-Bustin’ Bonnie ? Shriekin’ Scott Rudin? Judith “My cock is bigger than yours” Regan? A certain Prada-Wearing Devil? Chin up, dude. That said, we’re watching The Early Show right now and Harry Smith does look as though he could be wearing nipple clamps, so maybe what the CBS staffers told “Page Six” is merely the tip of the iceberg.

Tantrum Time At ‘Early Show’ [NYP]

The ‘Early Show’ Office Is More or Less As Dysfunctional As Yours