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The Old Guy’s Still Got It in Him


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It’s been so long since we’ve heard about Eliot Spitzer getting all angry, we were starting to suspect that L’Affaire Bruno had caused him to simmer down for good. Au contraire! Maybe we just haven’t been paying enough attention. According to anonymous sources in the Post, the Spitz apparently laid into Council Speaker Christine Quinn last week over his proposed sale of land near the Javits Center. When Quinn’s people called the governor’s office to say they opposed the sale, his aides apparently greased the wheels by calling them “fucking idiots”; then Spitzer himself got on the horn. “He was angry and screaming,” a source told the Post. Boringly, Quinn’s spokesperson declined to repeat exactly what he said and told the Post that things were “smoothed over” now. Smoothed over like a steamroller, we bet.

There He Blows Again [NYP]

The Old Guy’s Still Got It in Him