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‘Post’ Ruins Man’s Life Because He Has Weird Sex

• The Post violated a man’s privacy by publishing his name after he was injured in an S&M sex tryst. They also, um, called his wife and published where he lived. While activists protest, a spokesman says, “The Post will happily name every adult caught in a dog collar.” One day we need to really start “happily” naming every married Post editor caught at a strip joint. [Portfolio]
• Sam Zell’s Tribune Co. will cut staff by two percent. Is it the same two percent that he’s already cursed out? [LAT]
Times scribe Alessandra Stanley spends a column (a few days late) talking about how MSNBC’s “Best Political Team on Television” is in disgrace. Sadly, it’s CNN that incessantly uses the “Best Political Team” moniker, which causes Gawker to ask whether the TV critic actually “owns a TV.” [Gawker]

• New Jersey U.S. Attorney Christopher Christie Jr. is getting investigated for “awarding tens of millions of dollars in no-bid contracts to his friends and political allies.” Friends and allies that include John Ashcroft. [NYT]
• Turns out a shifty lawyer might be at the center of a $7 million loan-fraud case involving Merrill Lynch. []
• If any members of the House Oversight Committee (or their staff) ask Roger Clemens for an autograph today, they may be breaking federal law. [NYT]

• To some, February 14 is Valentine’s Day. To Steve Schwarzman, it is a Day That Will Live in Infamy. This year, he’s planning a quiet celebration at the compound. [NYP]
• Okay, Warren Buffett’s bailout offer to bond insurers may not save us all. But if it works out, the billionaire will accrue some more coin. [Reuters]
• Does anyone really stay friends after a breakup? The termination notice Bear Stearns served former manager Ralph Cioffi after the collapse of their two hedge funds indicates that they wanted the breakup to be amicable. [Jake Zamansky]

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‘Post’ Ruins Man’s Life Because He Has Weird Sex