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Finance Types Split Over Hillary and Romney

• Wall Street hopes Hillary has a super Super Tuesday, but private equity is standing by one of its own. Fourth-quarter campaign-financing reports show Senator Clinton taking in the lion’s share of donations from the Street’s top ten financial firms. Meanwhile, Bain Capital co-founder Mitt Romney is still tops among the PE crowd. [NYT/Dealbook]
• So, what’s it gonna be, boy? Stuck between Microsoft’s rock and Google’s hard place, Yahoo! CEO Jerry Yang has limited options for saving his company at his disposal. [NYP]
• If you believe the latest hype, Citadel is paving the way for an IPO after all. Ken Griffin’s asset-management firm has split its proprietary hedge-fund business from its client-based options-making business. “Legally, it makes it cleaner,” said Josh Galper in an interview. [Bloomberg]

• Rupert Murdoch sure is one happy camper. In the wake of Sunday night’s Super Bowl broadcast reeling in a record 97.5 million viewers and a reportedly moderate increase in quarterly earnings for Fox parent company News Corp., he called yesterday “the greatest day ever in the history of our network.” [NYT]
Newsweek may be moving downtown, from its midtown headquarters, to 100 Church Street in the financial district. [NYO]
• Some pages of Kanye West’s new book have hit the Internets! [Gawker]

• At least Wesley Snipes could claim ignorance. Not so much for John Howley, a New York–based lawyer at Kaye Scholer who pleaded guilty yesterday for failing to file a 2004 tax return and was fined $10,000. [Newsday]
• Rudy Giuliani’s decision to back out of his presidential bid after last week’s Florida primary has sent the lawyers that were among his biggest supporters running into the arms of John McCain. []
• We guess those lawyers didn’t hear Senator McCain’s (pretty funny) lawyer joke last week on Leno. [WSJ]

• Gucci’s new flagship store is 46,000 square feet of luxury-shopping paradise. Which raises the question: Are we in for a luxury-brand building boom, à la Tokyo? [WWD]
• Angie Harmon, whom we love, stood through the whole Proenza Schouler show instead of sitting in the front row with the other celebrities, which makes us love her even more. [The Cut]
• Fashion icon and new First Lady of France Carla Bruni is three months pregnant. [British Vogue]

Finance Types Split Over Hillary and Romney