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UES Forever! Real Life Gossip Girls Are Moving Back Uptown

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Like our friend Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl, many true-blue-blooded Upper East Siders feel like while it’s okay to come downtown on a Saturday night and barf in the streets, it is no place to live. Just in case you thought that was an unfair stereotype, the Observer rounded up a few Upper East Side girls and got them to fulfill it. “At a certain point, being downtown just loses its appeal,” Abigail Cusick, who moved straight back to the UES after graduating from Skidmore, tells the pink paper. Cusick says lots of her friends have moved back uptown after getting Soho, the Lower East Side, or Chelsea “out of their system.” Downtown is just too icky. “You wake up and it’s like waking up in the apartment you partied in the night before.” Uptown, her existence is idyllic, mostly because she can raid her parents’ liquor cabinet and play with their dog, then have someone else clean up its shit. “The housekeeper comes over to clean for me, I can stop by and pick up a bottle of wine; I get to play with the dog, then return it,” she says. “It’s nice.” We bet! You know what’s not nice though? 86th Street. Cusick can’t believe they’re building condos up there. “I think it’s laughable,” she says. “I mean, it’s still 86th Street. It’s where classes collide.” Ew! Everyone knows you never want to rub up against classes.

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UES Forever! Real Life Gossip Girls Are Moving Back Uptown