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Vincent D’Onofrio’s New Baby Is Already Overacting!

Vincent D'Onfrio

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Unlike some people who are taking their sweet time bringing new life into the world, Law &Order: Criminal Intent’s Vincent D’Onofrio’s hilariously named wife Carin Van Der Donk gave birth to a baby boy and quickly announced it in People today. We’re not afraid to admit, by the way, that we totally love Vincent D’Onofrio. In fact, two years ago we had the pleasure of attending an acting class he taught semi-regularly on the Lower East Side. Actually it wasn’t really a pleasure, as you might imagine from the man who played Gomer Pyle; it was very intense and serious and all about the craft, and one girl actually cried after he berated her for not embodying the character. But he wasn’t mean or anything. He spent most of the time trying to get everyone to act. Act like Vincent D’Onofrio, that is. He’d say things like, “One time I played this character and I said to the director, ‘Wouldn’t it be better if he had a stutter?’” Or direct someone to “try that with a limp.” It was awesome. We can only imagine how Vincent talks to his new son. Do you think he gets all in his face and cocks his head like Detective Robert Goren, “Crying? Is that — is that how you get people to look at you? You open your mouth and you scream, and what and you cry? And then someone comes over and gives you milk.”

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Vincent D’Onofrio’s New Baby Is Already Overacting!