Your Daily Intel Editors Are Characters in ‘Definitely, Maybe’!

Rachel Weisz

Chris and Jessica Rachel Weisz is a struggling writer in Definitely, Maybe.Photo: Getty Images

Last night, we went to the Ziegfeld premiere of the movie Definitely, Maybe. It’s that movie where Ryan Reynolds tells his daughter (Abigail Breslin) about all the women he’s loved over the years. Now, we won’t give away the ending, because that would be sort of like telling you what happens in the final episode of the show How I Met Your Mother. Okay, it would be exactly like that. So, anyway, one of the characters that Reynolds dates in the course of his storytelling is a lovely young writer, played by Rachel Weisz. She’s struggling to make it, and on her second meeting with Reynolds (at a book party for her literary-legend ex-boyfriend), he asks her what she’s been up to lately. And she replies, wait for it…

I’m writing these really dumb items for New York Magazine while waiting for my big break to come.

If you were sitting in the Ziegfeld Theater last night, at that very moment you would have heard — from the far reaches of the back of the audience — an audible shriek. That was us.

Definitely, Maybe [Official site]

Your Daily Intel Editors Are Characters in ‘Definitely, Maybe’!