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Ad Hominem Attack on Mariah Carey in the ‘Daily News’

Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey, hurting.Photo: Getty Images

Dude, News editorial board, what’s with this 63-word diatribe today?

Cultural note: We see that the warbler Mariah Carey, who has already tied Elvis Presley as the second-place holder of the most No. 1 records, will soon, if her new hit ditty goes to the top of the charts, tie the Beatles as the first-place holder of the most No. 1 records ever.


That’s — that’s just wrong.

On so many levels.

Why, exactly, is it wrong, you guys? Because you’re a bunch of mostly white old people who don’t understand R&B? If you’ll recall, your parents thought Elvis and the Beatles were trashy, too. We won’t defend Mariah Carey’s cultural relevance in comparison to those musical giants — though we do love her. But from now on, you’re no longer allowed to wonder why young people think your newspaper is irrelevant.

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Ad Hominem Attack on Mariah Carey in the ‘Daily News’