Adam Duritz Probably Should Have Married Jennifer Aniston When He Had the Chance


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Counting Crows lead singer Adam Durtiz laments the fact that he’s 43, single, and sits home a lot. Alan Greenspan is worried about the economy, but he can’t be that worried: He celebrated his 82nd birthday the other night with a pricey dinner at Le Perigord. Jimmy Kimmel says he bought his ex-wife an engagement ring from Costco. Bill Clinton says his favorite movie of the year was Michael Clayton, but that he hasn’t seen There Will Be Blood. Defense attorney Mickey Sherman says he uses Otter’s “It’s the system’s fault!” speech from Animal House to justify defending shady clients. Tina Fey thinks she’s funnier than Jon Stewart.

Friends of Eliot Spitzer are annoyed that Spitzer’s longtime pal Lloyd Constantine has blabbed to the press about his relationship with Eliot and Silda. Sopranos star turned singer Dominic Chianese wants to record an album with Madonna and Bob Dylan, among others. Heather Mills is trying to sell intimate photos and tape recordings she made of Paul McCartney to British and American media outlets. The 52-room Palm Beach mansion Veronica Hearst lost in foreclosure has been bought by financier Franklin Haney. Mariah Carey, who has been linked to everyone from Derek Jeter to Eminem, claims she’s had sex with fewer than five people. An unidentified blonde girl is running around L.A. pretending to be Britney Gastineau’s assistant and buying lots of clothes on her credit card. Recently deceased director Anthony Minghella praised R&B star Jill Scott as the next big thing in next month’s Vogue. Lindsay Lohan freaked out when she arrived at an L.A. event to promote a bunch of Scandinavian products and discovered that her nemesis Paris Hilton was also touting an accessories line there. Kim Kardashian acted like a diva by demanding Smart Water when offered Fiji water and Perrier Jouet when offered Veuve Clicquot while making a paid appearance at Room Service. Recently divorced actress Lindsay Price and her 26-year-old Lipstick Jungle co-star Robert Buckley are an item. Ang Lee and Lust, Caution star Tang Wei skipped the Asian Film Awards because China has blacklisted Wei from making media appearances on account of the film’s sex scenes. The sister of fashion designer and alleged rapist Anand Jon is holding a candlelight vigil for him outside the NY Criminal Courts Building tonight. Ben Silverman and Ryan Seacrest are hosting a Details magazine party in Beverly Hills tomorrow. John McEnroe’s son Sean got pissed off after being rebuffed by a girl at the Plumm. Matt Dillon chatted up a bunch of hot chicks outside the East Side Ink tattoo shop. Brandon Davis showed up for a haircut at L.A. salon Warren Tricomi looking really greasy. Cindy Adams cryptically claims that another major hooker sex scandal may soon break, and that it involves a public servant who works in a “major metropolitan area” that is not New York, D.C., or L.A.

Adam Duritz Probably Should Have Married Jennifer Aniston When He Had the Chance