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Alex Frost Punched Owen Wilson in the Face

Alex Frost

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In real life, Alex Frost, who plays a bully in the Judd Apatow–produced Drillbit Taylor, is “the exact opposite” of his character: The 21-year-old Portland native was even beat up himself once, growing up in Portland, Oregon, when a rogue tough stole his skateboard and clocked him in the eye. But Frost found his inner bully on the set, when he laid his smackdown on Owen Wilson.

I accidentally hit him in the face a couple of times,” Frost told us last night at the after-party for the Cinema Society screening of Stop Loss at the Gramercy Park Hotel. Heh, we almost said. We get you, buddy. We’ve wanted to “accidentally” hit Wilson in the face before, too, specifically after we lost two hours of our lives watching You, Me, and Dupree. But then it turned out Frost was only acting. “We were shooting this fight scene for a week straight and kept having to do the same punch over and over again, and I nicked him on the chin a few times. He was a great sport about it.” Well, probably because it wasn’t his nose. That thing couldn’t take much more. —Darrell Hartman

Alex Frost Punched Owen Wilson in the Face