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Anderson Cooper’s Eyeball Issue Is Resolved

Anderson Cooper

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Manderson down! We repeat, Manderson down! It turns out our favorite well-biceped broadcaster has just undergone surgery to remove some sort of skin cancer from underneath his left eye. We remember he talked about this once on one of the late-night shows — if he squinted in just the right way, you could see it on camera in HD, kind of like how if Teri Hatcher squints on Desperate Housewives in HD, you can see that she’s 400 years old. We thought it was a benign little bump, but it turns out it’s malignant. Speedy recovery, Anderson! We understand you’ll be on TV tonight, probably on some painkillers. We won’t mind the stitches, so long as they don’t interfere with the cleft. But tomorrow we expect you back at the gym, nice and early, okay?

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Anderson Cooper’s Eyeball Issue Is Resolved