Bethenny Frankel Gets Inked

Bethenny Frankel

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Bethenny Frankel, the only single woman on The Real Housewives of New York City, just signed a six-figure multiple book deal. Dan Rather sued CBS to force the network to release internal memos for the lawsuit he filed against the network over his termination, but he doesn’t want the court to release papers in his son’s messy divorce proceedings. Blind governor David Paterson used to pick up chicks by asking them to help him navigate a room. Keith Olbermann may have helped his 24-year-old girlfriend, Katy Tur, land an anchor job on CW11. Barack Obama thinks UNC is going to win the NCAA tournament, while Hillary Clinton said she’d have to ask Bill.

Lindsay Lohan claims the girl caught on camera phone performing fellatio on her ex-boyfriend Calum Best isn’t her, but her friends don’t believe her. Former model Bruce Hulse wrote a book about his escapades with female models, including the time he shot down Elle Macpherson and had a wild fling with Paulina Porizkova. Renée Zellweger says her hair has been dyed so many times “she’s amazed it’s still attached to my head, by the grace of God.” David Lynch is donating $1 million in scholarships for kids to learn how to do yoga and meditate. Winona Ryder may or may not have been busted shoplifting again, this time makeup from CVS. Chris Rock joked that he’s worried about Barack Obama becoming president because he doesn’t think a black woman can be First Lady. Fashionista Boaz Mazor was given a summons after getting into an argument with police over an improper turn his driver made. Comedy writer Buck Henry (The Graduate) has been diagnosed with an undisclosed form of cancer. PageSix.com was shuttered either because the economy stinks or everyone who worked there hated each other. Excitable conservative pundit Rachel Marsden has applied to be a senior publicist at Maxim but probably won’t get the job. Jonathan Rhys Meyers told Cindy Adams that tabloids make him out to be worse than he is to sell more newspapers.

Bethenny Frankel Gets Inked