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Camille Paglia Adds Her Voice to Burgeoning Political Coverage in ‘Us Weekly’

Camille Paglia Hillary Clinton

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Oh, Camille Paglia, what are you doing? We know you’ve talked to Us Weekly before about relevant issues like Britney’s vagina and Jennifer Aniston’s victimhood. But giving a sincere political evaluation of Hillary Clinton on the celebrity magazine’s Website, directly on the eve of her most important contest? What, was there static on the receiver and you thought they were calling from The Week? In response to Hillary’s evasive answer on 60 Minutes when she was asked whether or not she thought Barack Obama was a Muslim, Paglia had this to say:

The Clintons are lawyers and they’ve been pushing language ever since Bill said “depends on what the meaning of ‘is’ is.”… That’s my problem as a Democrat with the Clintons and the people around Hillary, which include Harold Ickes and Howard Wolfson — all of these people are so self-infatuated with their own clever superiority, that in fact they’re quite transparent.

Okay, sure, but Camiiiiilllllllleeeeee! Throw us a bone! What did you think about when Hillary helped Us Weekly pick out her worst outfits of all time? “I don’t approve,” Paglia snapped. Ahh. Now that’s more like it.

This is the other part of the interview we liked:

Hillary gets restrained — this kind of acoustic kind of like Bette Davis, Joan Crawford side of her. But she doesn’t own it. She doesn’t own it, so it’s not funny. She still wants to be this smiling, this Gloria Steinem brand. This pasted-on-smile brand of blonde feminism. She wants to be that when in fact she’s really a b-tch behind the scenes and she won’t cop to that part of her personality. So we don’t get that rampaging humor writing that we get from someone who acknowledges the Joan Crawford within.

Not to quibble, but we kind of prefer imagining her as a Tina Fey kind of bitch, if you don’t mind.

Camille Paglia: Hillary Clinton Has “Egg on Her Face” After 60 Minutes [Us Weekly]

Camille Paglia Adds Her Voice to Burgeoning Political Coverage in ‘Us Weekly’