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‘Cashmere Mafia’ Tries On the Cement Stilettos

Cashmere Mafia

Did you hear we might get canceled?” “Oh, God, this is terrible.” “Don’t worry, you’ll get more work!” “No, I’m just imagining all of the mafia puns we’re going to have to endure.”Photo: Courtesy ABC

Unlike the Greatest Show of Our Time, it looks like Cashmere Mafia isn’t going to make it to a sophomore season. When we read last week on (that venerable expert in network reporting) that the show was on the chopping block, we didn’t pay it much heed. Sure, the show had dropped from something like 10 million viewers at its debut for 5.7 million now, but at least it’s a good scripted series with a following. But then on Thursday Bloomberg reported that Cashmere writers still weren’t sure what was going on, a few weeks after the strike ended. And now today Ben Widdicombe’s “Gatecrasher,” which is a reliable source for TV gossip (particularly the type that involves divas and failure), says it’s probably true: The show is on its way out. This is too bad; we kind of like the show, which wasn’t particularly smart or realistic, but at least involved main characters who smiled every once in a while, unlike the ones on rival series Lipstick Jungle. Who knew the only enduring show about happy, well-sexed fortysomethings in funny clothes this year would be Rock of Love?

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‘Cashmere Mafia’ Tries On the Cement Stilettos