Chace Crawford and J.C. Chasez Hang Out With Girls

JC and Chase

Photo: WireImage

Chace Crawford and J.C. Chasez hung out with girls and drank Cristal at a Vegas party thrown by Michael Strahan. A bunch of Upper East Side housewives at the premiere of The Real Housewives of New York City hated on the show. Because they were jealous. Among the stipulations in Kimora Lee Simmons’s contract rider is that her glass of Champagne must be filled whenever it gets below one inch. Employees at Philippe may have been watching celebs like Tom Brady and Gisele hook up in the restaurant’s private room via security camera. A party in honor of Baird Jones (open bar, naturally) will be held at Plumm this Friday, with a memorial service to be held at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine Saturday afternoon.

The 4-year-old son of Chris Robinson and Kate Hudson remarked that an elevator at the Raleigh in Miami reeking of booze and cigarettes “smells like daddy’s concert!” Employees at L.A.’s new Thompson Hotel may or may not have stolen Adderall and Ambien from a room. This magazine gave the Black Crowes album the same score as Maxim, even though Maxim reviewed it without listening. Eddie Griffin advocates violence against comics who steal jokes. Barack Obama and his wife will no longer be attending the debut performance of Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. Salma Hayek told Glamour that she wanted her 6-month-old daughter to be a boy. Scarlet Johansson is supposedly moving in with Ryan Reynolds, but her mother doesn’t approve. Leven Rambin may or may not have made out with Mark Ronson at a party for the producer at the Spotted Pig. Pat O’Brien is being dropped from The Insider and will be replaced by Donny Osmond. Hillary Clinton strategist Mark Penn has cleaned up the construction mess at his Georgetown home, much to the delight of his neighbors. Jennifer Aniston will stay in a hotel in Miami while filming her next movie, but she wants to find a house. Nike is sponsoring a Jackie Robinson museum in Soho. Good Morning America host Chris Cuomo took heat for saying that Prince Harry was in Afghanistan because he was “expendable.” Brandon Davis yelled at a valet because he didn’t bring his car around fast enough. (Davis was also relieved of $4,000 and a watch during a mugging in Barcelona.) Cindy Adams really does not like O.J. Simpson.

Chace Crawford and J.C. Chasez Hang Out With Girls