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Cindy Adams Regrets the Error


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A couple of weeks ago, back when Hookermania was in full effect, Cindy Adams wrote about how Ashley Alexandra Dupré, a.k.a. Spitzer sexer “Kristen,” was besties with a hooker called Natalia, whom New York once called the city’s No. 1 escort. Natalia introduced Dupré to her pimp-lover Jason Itzler, said Adams, or as she put it, she introduced her to “that Jason Itzler pig” and “that sleazebag.”

Itzler apparently took umbrage at these characterizations of his person, and this week, Adams offer the best clarification in the history of clarifications.

I might mention the pig Itzler, who started the hooker ‘Kristen’ on her way to fame, fortune and all sorts of F’s,” she writes.

I called him a sleazebag. He complained that what I said about him had “inaccuracies.” I thus correct myself. He’s a crummy, cruddy pail of poop. Lordy, I do hate to be inaccurate.

If Cindy ever retires, we’d love to see her become News Corp. ombudsbitch.

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Cindy Adams Regrets the Error