For Cecilia Sarkozy, Revenge Is a Dish Best Served During the Venetian Hour

Cecilia Sarkozy

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Cecilia Sarkozy, the ex-wife of French president Nicolas Sarkozy, is set to get married to PR exec Richard Attias in New York on March 22. (Friends say it’s a “revenge” wedding.) Shelley Ross was so hated in her capacity as executive producer of CBSThe Early Show that CBS News president Sean McManus didn’t even wait to find a replacement before firing her. Colin Farrell tried hitting on model Meghan Lowther at the Rose Bar, but found out the hard way that she has a boyfriend. The April issue of Elle features an interview given by Michelle Williams right after she broke up with Heath Ledger. New York real-estate giant Steven Fisher, best known for turning the aircraft carrier Intrepid into a museum, is trying to get his own TV show. Gossip Girl’s Conor Paolo wants, uh, Daniel Day-Lewis to join the cast.

NYPD Blue star Esai Morales is no longer being investigated by police for allegedly raping his ex-girlfriend in their L.A. home. Jessica Simpson and the Pussycat Dolls will be housed in bunks and sleeping bags when they go to Kuwait with Operation MySpace to perform for our troops on Monday. An upcoming tell-all about the Four Seasons in Chicago claims that assistants of Nicole Kidman shipped the hotel a set of pink 800-thread-count Italian sheets before she got there — along with diagrams and pages of instructions on how to make the bed — and that Kidman never even showed up. Owen Wilson and Kate Hudson may be back together. Radio host Glen Beck thinks his friend Brad Thor is going to be assassinated by Islamic radicals because Thor’s latest novel is based on the premise that the prophet Muhammad never finished the Koran because he was murdered by his own disciples. Office star Jenna Fischer refers to herself as an “Emmy-losing” actor on set. Former supermodel Carol Alt thinks that the modeling shows on TV are all bogus. [Ed: If they weren’t, we wouldn’t love them!] Arnold Schwarznegger signed a lot of autographs at the Arnold Sports Festival in Columbus, Ohio, and also insisted that participants be tested for steroids. Robert Downey Jr. plays a white actor who appears in blackface in his next movie. O.C. hottie Kelly Rowan is in her final weeks of pregnancy, but billionaire Canadian boyfriend (and soon-to-be husband) David Thomson is adamant about her staying out of the press’ eye. LeBron James danced up a storm at Marquee the night before he dropped 50 on the hapless Knicks. The Clintons, Judith Giuliani, Isiah Thomas, Roger Clemens, and Mayor Bloomberg are all in line to get mocked by city reporters at the March 15 Inner Circle Dinner. Eric Bana loves bicycles, while Marcia Cross hates being pregnant.

For Cecilia Sarkozy, Revenge Is a Dish Best Served During the Venetian Hour