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Heath Ledger’s Family Fights for the Right to His Money

Heath Ledger

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It’s been two months since Heath Ledger died of an accidental overdose in his Soho apartment, and despite the salacious details of his death, everyone involved has remained somewhat tasteful about it. Memorial services in Australia and Los Angeles were tasteful, low-key affairs, and family members and friends (and Mary-Kate Olsen) have all kept their mouths shut about it for the most part. Until now. Ledger’s family (not including Michelle Williams, the mother of his daughter Matilda) has exploded into squabbling over the management of his estate. Turns out his father, Kim Ledger, is bad at handling money, say his brothers Mike and Hayden. He lost all of the money their father (Heath’s grandfather) left after his death and had to have control of that estate taken away from him by a judge, it turns out. Mike is the actor’s godfather, but he’s been estranged since the last family money scuffle. At risk in the debate is not only Ledger’s postmortem dignity, but the brothers also worry about the financial well-being of his daughter, Matilda. She wasn’t provided for in Ledger’s will, because it was written before he had her. But we’ll just say, we think Williams will be fine taking care of her — this year she’ll co-star in movies alongside Ewan MacGregor, Hugh Jackman, Gael García Bernal, and Leonardo DiCaprio. Don’t worry, baby — mommy’s big time now.

Heath Ledger’s Family Fueds Over Estate [People]

Heath Ledger’s Family Fights for the Right to His Money