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Hillary Clinton Hints at a Dual Ticket With Obama

Hillary and Obama

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Hillary Clinton, perhaps worried that some people think her ambition still threatens to tear apart the Democratic Party, has today came out with a surprising hint: that she’d be open to the possibility of joining Barack Obama on a ticket. We watched her hedge about the possibility of a Democratic “dream team” on several of the morning shows today, but while talking to CBS she admitted it wasn’t out of the question:

That may be where this is headed, but of course we have to decide who is on the top of the ticket.

Of course, we highly doubt that a dual ticket is “where this is headed” if Hillary would be in the veep position — she’s mentioned several times that if she doesn’t get the nomination she plans to go back to the Senate. (For what it’s worth, we can’t imagine Barack would go for VP, either.) But for Hillary, it does help to remind everyone that she can be a uniter and that she does have a long history of doing what’s right for the party. We’re impressed by this tactic. Dropping that kind of nuance into a series of dozens of early-morning interviews the day after kicking some ass? Is this lady never hung over?

Clinton Hints at Sharing Ticket With Obama [WCBS-TV]

Hillary Clinton Hints at a Dual Ticket With Obama