How to Be a Scandalite: Don’t Follow Ashley Dupré’s Example


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Just like a brand-new car, Ashley Alexandra Dupré’s earning potential has been steadily decreasing since Eliot Spitzer rolled her off the lot and into the spotlight two weeks ago today. Market analysts (seriously, market analysts!) are now scolding the governor’s hooker for not taking full financial advantage of her fifteen minutes of fame. Sales of her song on MySpace have dropped off, as has traffic to her page and a $1 million offer from Hustler is on shaky ground, with everyone and their mom unlikely to pay to see something they’ve seen everywhere for weeks. Georgi Vodka wants her to be their next “butt girl,” which we’re hoping neither party takes too literally. Becoming a scandalite takes work, sister. Chiding Dupré in Ad Age for not being more responsible with the celebrity she earned as a prostitute, a totally unironic Nat Ives writes, “Unless she does some serious repackaging, it isn’t clear just which brands will be interested.” He told her! Can Dupré salvage some of her marketability if she gets with the scandalite program? If she follows the examples of all those who have gone before her down the hallowed hall of notoriety, maybe. The pros, after the jump.

Gennifer Flowers. Turned her twelve-year affair with Bill Clinton into a defamation lawsuit, a memoir, a Penthouse shoot, and a lounge bar. Last year, she auctioned off her answering-machine tapes of conversations with Clinton for $5 million.

Monica Lewinsky. Started an online handbag business, appeared on several reality shows, went back to school to get a degree in psychology.

Jessica Hahn. The Massapequa, New York, native appeared in Playboy and on Married With Children and the Howard Stern Show after claiming television evangelist Jim Bakker and a friend had drugged and raped her. She now lives in Beverly Hills.

Judith Nathan. Landed herself a wedding day at Gracie Mansion and a seat at the (hypothetical) Cabinet meetings of “America’s Mayor.”
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How to Be a Scandalite: Don’t Follow Ashley Dupré’s Example