Is Tinsley Having Topper Trouble?


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Tinsley Mortimer and husband Topper avoided one another at a party, and a lot of socialites gossiped about it. Twelve hundred transvestites will gather in Times Square on Saturday for a party called “Night of 1,000 Gowns.” Mary-Kate Olsen and her posse rolled up to LES dive Sweet Paradise on Saturday night in two Escalades. Marc Jacobs got into multiple fights with new boyfriend Austin A in Los Angeles, mostly because he was kissing some other guy in front of him.

Usher’s wife, Tameka Foster, is extremely jealous, to the point that she made it impossible for the girl picked to star opposite of Usher in a music video to do her job. The folks behind Serafina and Geisha are opening a brassiere on 55th and Broadway called Cognac de Monsieur Ballon. Priscilla Presley’s Botox job is terrible, according to any one of the 20 million people who saw her on Dancing With the Stars. Bruce Willis brought model girlfriend Emma Hemming to a Cinema Society screening of ex-wife Demi Moore’s new movie. Michael Jordan showed up at a party in Miami with two hot dates. Britney Spears’s moment has passed, according to one top paparazzi agency. Chris Rock and pals hung out with a bunch of models at Butter. Fergie is not pregnant, despite rumors to the contrary. Filming of the new James Bond movie in Panama had to be temporarily shut down because of a shooting. Lillo Brancato, the Bronx actor charged with killing a cop, had his role reduced in an upcoming movie because of his legal troubles. David Byrne is very skeptical of sleazy Republican trickster and Spitzer outer Roger Stone. Mary J. Blige is suing vendors selling knockoff Blige T-shirts on tour.

Is Tinsley Having Topper Trouble?