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King B Continues to Tease Us Mercilessly

King B

Photo Illustration: Getty Images, Courtesy of CW

After Mayor Bloomberg finally ended speculation about a possible presidential run last week with an op-ed in the Times, we were hoping to put the whole annoying saga behind us once and for all. After all, it was mentally exhausting trying to parse Bloomberg’s carefully worded denials and mixed messages each week. However! It turns out that POTUS was only one of many jobs Bloomberg may be looking at for when he is forced out of office by term limits at the end of next year.

Last week Deputy Mayor Kevin Sheekey floated the idea of Vice-President Bloomberg in typically coy fashion and revealed that Hizzoner spoke with Obama on Thursday. Asked by the Observer about a possible Senate run last week, Bloomberg didn’t rule out the possibility, noting only that there is currently no vacancy, and that he’d be old for a senator. (But he is healthy!) And in today’s Sun, Davidson Goldin writes that it’s becoming more and more likely that Bloomberg will run for governor as a Republican against Eliot Spitzer, though he won’t talk about it much because his relationship with Spitzer is at once tenuous and mutually beneficial. If none of these work out, then there’s also, well, any other elected position in state or national government. And, we hear there’s an opening in the cast of Gossip Girl—Dan Amira

King B Continues to Tease Us Mercilessly