Kristin Davis Is Not a Slut, Okay?


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Kristin Davis got annoyed that Evan Handler’s wife jokingly referred to her as a “slut” when Handler had to film sex scenes with Davis on Sex and the City. Real-estate developer and Observer owner Jared Kushner recently replaced his dinner table with a Ping-Pong table and says more people come visit him now. Carly Simon says she never slept with Mick Jagger, but Bianca Jagger doesn’t believe her. Folk legend Pete Seeger is still annoyed that his protégé Bob Dylan switched to electric guitar back in 1965.
Gwen Stefani says that she thinks celebrity gossip is gross, but she’s addicted.

Christopher Hitchens embarrassed audience members who asked what he felt were dumb questions while moderating a panel discussion for war correspondents. Lindsay Lohan has hand selected a series of prints that “represent the mood behind her tattoos” for an exhibition. Comic Chuck Nice says that the green goo Nickelodeon uses to “slime” people at its awards show tastes really bad and that they spray you down with a garden hose offstage. Anna Anisimova has recovered only one piece of the luggage that was stolen from her during Prince’s Oscar party. The brother of convicted Martin Luther King Jr. killer James Earl Ray claims in a new book that Ray was framed. Curb Your Enthusiasm regular Richard Lewis has been sober for fourteen years but says he’s still deeply troubled. Tyco con man Dennis Kozlowski really misses seeing his dogs in jail. Paris Hilton’s dog, Cinderella, is mating with Casey Johnson’s Yorkie, Elvis. (What happened to Tinkerbell???) Some staffers at gossip site PageSix.com reportedly don’t like each other. Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger dropped $25,000 playing blackjack at the Palms casino in Vegas. Howard Stern’s former sidekick, Stuttering John, accused Stern of underpaying him on Adam Carolla’s radio show.

Kristin Davis Is Not a Slut, Okay?