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Lohanimals to Run Wild in New York!


Photo: WireImage.

Yessss. Dina Lohan was not about to let the hot New York moms on Real Housewives, which premieres tonight, steal her thunder. Today, E! announced that, come March 17, the hottest of the hot New York moms will start filming her much-ballyhooed reality show here in New York. Until now, reports of the show, which will follow “the Lohan matriarch” as she attempts to launch the career of Lindsay’s fame-deprived 14-year-old sister, Ali, have tentatively referred to it as Momager. But apparently the network decided that that wasn’t descriptive enough, and they’ve opted for Train Wreck instead. Oh, kidding. Apparently the show is now called Living Lohan. But since that’s really tame and actually kind of eighties and doesn’t really, you know, say much about the Lohan brand, we’d like to suggest that they make “I’m living the American dream, and you can go fuck yourself!” the official catchphrase. It’ll be the “You’re fired!” of 2008!

Lohans Living It Up on E! [E! Online]

Lohanimals to Run Wild in New York!