Michael Stipe Is Finally Okay With Being Gay


Photo: Getty Images

R.E.M.’s Michael Stipe finally comes clean about being gay in this month’s Spin. Marc Jacobs and boyfriend Jason Preston got into numerous screaming matches while on vacation together in Turks and Caicos and flew back on separate private jets. Danny Masterson had his 32nd-birthday party at the South by Southwest music festival in Austin, and it had a mechanical bull. An unnamed socialite dropped from a size 14 to a size 0 by picking up a heroin habit. Eminem, however, has hired a personal trainer to help him lose weight.

Cindy Adams says Lindsay Lohan “did Red Bulls with bottled water” at the Plumm with Samantha Ronson. David Caruso has become totally impossible to work with on the set of CSI: Miami in that he insists on rewriting all of his lines and curses a lot. Diane Sawyer shot a segment for Prime Time Live on prostitution two years ago, and ABC News is finally deciding to air it in light of the Spitzer fiasco. Derek Jeter thinks he’s turning into his parents because he goes to bed after watching 60 Minutes. Brandon Davis stole a $100,000 watch from friend Scott Storch’s house but broke down and returned it after Storch said he caught the incident on tape. Snoop Dogg shot a guest appearance on ABC soap One Life to Live. A waitress at Brother Jimmy’s asked New York Giant receiver David Tyree if he would catch his takeout order with his head. John Lennon’s former mistress May Pang has a picture book out about her time with the Beatles’ front man.

Michael Stipe Is Finally Okay With Being Gay