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Today In Prostitution: One Famous Hooker Is Enough


Kristin Davis bites a cross.Photo: NYPost

Kristin “Billie” Davis saw what happened to fellow prostie Ashley Alexandra Dupre and saw an opening: If she told everyone all about her call-girl ring, Wicked Models, and that former governor Eliot Spitzer was a client of hers, too, maybe she would also get written about in the New York Times and be offered a book deal and a record deal and a spot on 30 Rock! But alas: The world does not have room in its heart for more than one famous prostitute right now, and all Billie ended up getting was arrested and made fun of by her friends and the Times.

As Ms. Davis, wearing a black hooded jacket emblazoned with rhinestones in the shape of a flaming skull, stood in front of a judge, her lawyer, Mark Jay Heller, said that she was “clothed with the cloak of innocence” and was pleading not guilty.

Yeah. She could get up to fifteen years. But maybe she thinks it’s worth it, since the Post did run a bunch of pictures of her!

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Today In Prostitution: One Famous Hooker Is Enough