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Page Six

Photo: Page Six

According to Gawker, the New York Post’s flashy, much-touted gossip Website has signed off. The URL has already switched back to the old Post gossip hub, and eighteen employees are to be laid off. And we were just beginning to love those crazy coots. “Given the difficulty in the economy, it was not the right time for this launch,” VP Jennifer Jehn told Gawker. The site, in its glorious three months of existence, didn’t put a noticeable dent in the traffic of giants like and Perez Hilton. But it did have colorful graphics and some elements that crashed our Web browsers, and for that we will always remember it. Now, sadly, there’s one less Website in New York that will write about Adnan Ghalib, Sam Lufti, and anyone with the last name Kardashian.

And, no, we will not pick up where they left off, so don’t even ask.

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