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Park Slope Parents Are Aflutter Over Toys in Babeland


Toys in Babeland’s Mercer Street location. Photo: Robert K. Chin

One might think that Park Slope mommies, who have a reputation for uptightness, might be concerned about Little Phineaus wanting to go check out the colorful Rabbits when Toys in Babeland opens a few blocks from the Gymboree on Bergen Street. That’s what the Post thought, anyway, when they headlined an article about the opening “SEX-TOY SHOP HAS BAD VIBES IN PARK SLOPE” and indicated that residents were displeased. On the contrary! “This is seriously the best news I’ve heard in months,” wrote one poster to the Brooklynian message board. “No longer will I have to hear the plaint ‘Where can a girl go to get a decent strap-on round here???’” said a commenter on Brownstoner, where posters were affronted by the Post’s assumption that Slopers parents are too uptight for kinky sex. In fact, they’re downright kinky! “My wife and I have a weird thing goin,” shared an anonymous commenter. “I pretend I’m Marty Markowitz and she’s Randi Weingarten. Our slave boyfriend, The What, is tied up to a big statue of Atlantic Yards. It gets kinky from there.”*

Okay, he was kidding. But one mommy had a point: “How silly of the Post,” she wrote. “Where do they think all the babies come from?” UrbanBaby doesn’t seem to have heard the news of the new place yet, but they do have copious pages devoted to procuring sex toys. “Highly recommend,” wrote one mother of a toddler. “Not-at-all embarrassing.” Except one thing: “dildo I purchased is bigger than DH and he is a tad jealous.” In fact, the only people who seem like they could be nervous about it are the owners of the Pink Pussycat, the mom-and-pop sex store across from Middle School 51 that’s kept the neighborhood in lube since 2002. But maybe they can share the wealth? It seems like there’s a big enough appetite. “There’s one question the Post does not answer,” said a commenter on Brownstoner. “Will the Toys in Babeland allow strollers?

Sex Toy Shop Has Bad Vibes in Park Slope [NYP]
*We fixed everyone’s grammar and spelling from the message boards so it would be easier to read.

Park Slope Parents Are Aflutter Over Toys in Babeland