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Pop Quiz: Know Your Media Ladies

Media Ladies

Photo Illustration: Patrick McMullan

Yesterday and today, the Times profiled three women in media: Time Out sex columnist and Star talking head Julia Allison, Huffington Post founder and pundit Arianna Huffington, and Bravo and Oxygen president Lauren Zalaznick. Despite differences in their ages and careers, the three of them seem of a type: They’re good-looking, ambitious career women with fourth-wave feminist ethoses and a knack for self-promotion. Below, see if you can match the media lady to her Times story.

1. About her, someone said the following:
a) “She’s had at least nine lives. Someone will turn it into an opera. Probably her.”
b) She “has taken her devotion to Sex and the City further than most.”
c) “She has a talent for getting attention.”

2. During the interview she:
a) “sipped an iced coffee.”
b) reclined “in her spacious and eclectically decorated office.”
c) sat “leggily astride a leather ottoman in Houston’s, a bar in the Flatiron District.”

3. Match the lady to her quote.
a) “It is sad that people think you have to choose between being intelligent, serious and thoughtful, or you get to be shallow and frivolous and enjoy beauty and fashion. I think you should be able to make a living doing something that really appeals to you without being judged.”
b) “Who doesn’t want to be that person with the cute boyfriend and the hot cellphone? You want to influence people, and you want to have money. It’s like America.”
c) “Ari Emanuel called me last night.”

Answers: 1: (a) Arianna Huffington, (b) Julia Allison, (c) Lauren Zalaznick. 2: (a) Arianna Huffington, (b) Lauren Zalaznick, (c) Julia Allison. 3: (a) Julia Allison, (b) Lauren Zalaznick, (c) Arianna Huffington.

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Pop Quiz: Know Your Media Ladies