Richard Branson Pranks Larry Page Awesomely


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Ashley Dupre used to work as a receptionist at Corcoran Sunshine, where she flirted with male clients and got in trouble for wearing really short skirts. Richard Branson says he dressed in a shark suit to scare Google co-founder Larry Page when Page and his wife went kite-surfing off the coast of Branson’s private island.
The Ross School’s popular Hampton Social concert series has been canceled this year because no rich people were actually buying tickets. Mayor Bloomberg said he recently went to the movies with his girlfriend and bought a discounted senior-citizen ticket. Daniel Serrano, the unlicensed plastic surgeon who injected Priscilla Presley and others with motor oil, is probably being deported back to his native Argentina.

Ivana Trump and her much-younger fiancé are getting married on April 12, though an argument they recently had over the prenup required police intervention. Paramount head Sumner Redstone and Tom Cruise have supposedly reconciled. Martin Scorsese cut a line about Hillary Clinton being president in his upcoming Rolling Stones documentary, Shine a Light, because of her poor turnout in the primaries. Dancing With the Stars hottie Karina Smirnoff is dating Mario Lopez, but supposedly hooking up with R&B star Mario. Brody Jenner got kicked out of Les Deux in L.A. for stealing a bottle of vodka from behind the bar and then squirting the bartender in the eye with a lemon. Jennifer Aniston and Orlando Bloom had a lovey-dovey dinner, despite the fact that Bloom is supposedly dating model Miranda Kerr. John McCain and Nancy Regan are friends again, though they went through a rough patch after McCain divorced his first wife (and Regan friend), Carol. Eliot Spitzer has become the butt of a bunch of stand-up routines at Comic Strip Live on the Upper East Side. The Las Vegas eatery Company American Bistro, owned by Wilmer Valderrama, Nick Lachey, and Nicky Hilton, is allegedly about to close because it is run poorly and has no money. Ginnifer Goodwin and Christina Ricci are among the celebs headed to China for Ferragamo’s 80th-anniversary party. Clay Aiken travels with a seven-foot-tall bodyguard because he is always getting mobbed by fans. Cindy Adams says that Elle Macpherson is so skinny in person she doesn’t seem like she eats and that 21 star Jim Sturgess had never played blackjack before he started filming.

Richard Branson Pranks Larry Page Awesomely