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Sirius Creates Media Circus in Microcosm With Client 9 Radio


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Can you not get enough of the Spitzer sex scandal? Is the minutiae of the governor’s trysts with hookers that has subsumed pretty much every media outlet for the entire week still somehow not enough? Do you feel that there are some important people, such as deposed publisher Judith Reagan, Wikepedia dumpee Rachel Marsden, and Dennis Hof, owner of Nevada’s Moonlight Bunny Ranch, whose full opinions have not been given their due? Then, friends, we hope you subscribe to Sirius Satellite Radio, which has just announced the creation of Client 9 Radio, a station fully devoted to news and opinion about Eliot Spitzer sex scandal. In addition to the aforementioned pundits, Client 9, which will air tonight and be hosted by Court TV’s Vinnie Politan, will also air the opinions of esteemed figures like John McCain, Alan Dershowitz, and “private eye Vito Colucci.” But most important, they will provide a forum for you, the listener, to join “this national conversation.” So go forth, citizen gossips! Let no crevice go unexplored.

SIRIUS hosts, experts and guests explore the story from every angle

Callers can voice their opinion with host Vinnie Politan

NEW YORK – March 14, 2008 - SIRIUS Satellite Radio (NASDAQ: SIRI) today announced that it has created Client 9 Radio, a channel that will explore the breaking news, facts, fallout, psychology, and implications of the scandal. Client 9 Radio will air March 14 at 5:00 pm ET – midnight March 17 exclusively on SIRIUS channel 126.

Client 9 Radio will serve as a forum for this national conversation. Client 9 Radio was created in response to passionate listener response to the story throughout the week.

Vinnie Politan, former Court TV Radio host, will be live in studio throughout the weekend to take calls from around the country, and offer expert legal advice and insight.

Client 9 Radio will explore every side of the story: from the political to the psychological to the medical and beyond. Client 9 Radio will consist of a wide variety of commentary and interviews conducted by SIRIUS hosts, and serve as a forum for listeners across the country to call in and discuss.

In addition to the live call-in shows, Client 9 Radio will include segments contributed by many SIRIUS hosts and experts from various fields, including law, public relations, medicine, and psychology, such as:

• Judith Regan (host of The Judith Regan Show) with Rachel Marsden (ex-girlfriend of Wikipedia founder who sold his stuff on eBay after he broke up with her via his website)

&• Judith Regan (host of The Judith Regan Show) with private eye Vito Colucci, Jr. on catching spouses in the act

• Bill Bennett (host on SIRIUS Patriot) with Senator John McCain discussing the story

• Andrew Wilkow (host on SIRIUS Patriot) with New York GOP Assembly Leader James Tedisco

• Larry Flick (host on SIRIUS OutQ) with Ed Koch

• Ron Silver (host on Indie Talk) with Alan Dershowitz

•Alex Bennett (host on SIRIUS Left) with Dennis Hof, owner of Moonlight Bunny Ranch in Nevada on prostitutes and politicians

Sirius Creates Media Circus in Microcosm With Client 9 Radio