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Socialites Wax Philosophical on ‘Housewives,’ Superwomen

Susan Shin

Susan Shin at last night’s Bally party.Photo: Getty Images

Since The Real Housewives of New York City debuted on Tuesday, we’ve been thinking a lot about women who try to do it all. We ran into a gaggle of exactly those kinds of gals at last night’s cocktail party to honor Brian Atwood and the charity New Yorkers for Children. Susan Shin, whom we see all over town at the fanciest events, told us it’s definitely possible to try to spread one’s self too thin. “I think we all have that tendency. It’s the era of the superwoman,” she said. “Husbands, kids, work, very successful careers, friends, social life, philanthropy. It’s hard to do it all.” So, Suze, what do you think of Real Housewives? “I don’t think it’s a true representation of housewives or other women in New York.”

Really? Turns out Shin actually knows Housewife LuAnn de Lesseps pretty well. “She’s got tremendous presence, she’s talented, she has a successful career, but it kind of belittles everything that she is.” We agree! Just then, glamour girl Byrdie Bell drifted by. Does she think it’s possible to go to too many events? After all, like a tree falling in a forest, we’re not sure she makes a face unless there is a camera there to see it. “No,” Bell mused. “I wouldn’t say so.” Right. What about you, Emma Snowdon-Jones, with your glass of Champagne over there? Is it possible to spread yourself too thin? “I don’t think you can ever be too thin!” the socialite cracked. But can you go to too many events? “Yes!” Snowdon-Jones paused to admit that she herself had gone out too much at times. Then, contradicting her earlier point, she gestured at a nearby woman. “This girl is obviously too thin.” —Blythe Sheldon

Socialites Wax Philosophical on ‘Housewives,’ Superwomen