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Spitzer to Resign Within the Hour? (Updated)

Eliot Spitzer

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Just when you thought the Eliot Spitzer story couldn’t get any more tawdry, you’re totally proven wrong. Okay, okay, everybody knew this was going to get more ridiculous, you’re right. Right now the Post Website is reporting that the governor will resign within the hour. So until he does, here’s a little catch-up on some of the absurdity we’ve learned since yesterday:

• Spitzer started his liaisons with Emperor’s Club girls eight months ago and met with them in Dallas and Washington. Also, a “law enforcement official said Mr. Spitzer also had an encounter with a prostitute in Florida. On some trips of several days’ duration, Mr. Spitzer scheduled more than one visit with a prostitute, this person said.” [NYT]
• Over ten years, Spitzer spent up to $80,000 on prostitutes, according to sources. [NYP]
• On February 13, just before his tryst with “Kristen,” Spitzer was wandering through the lobby of the Mayflower Hotel asking his aides if they had a “classical music CD,” apparently to set the mood. [NYP]

• A law-enforcement official confirmed that Spitzer’s desire to do things “that you may not think were safe” was basically a request to have sex without a condom. [NYDN]
• Aides have been expecting him to resign today. [NYS]
• It was Spitzer’s efforts to withdraw (and hide) more than $10,000 for Emperor’s Club services that initially sparked the interests of the IRS. Also, over the past few years, he may have met with seven or eight girls from the prostitution ring. [Newsday]

Update: NBC in New York is reporting that the “deal is not final,” so no resignation is yet set in stone. Spitzer has been “working with lawyers” to come to some sort of bargain to avoid criminal charges. If he’s not charged with a felony, he can continue to practice law and also probably rule out jail time.

Spitzer to Resign Within the Hour? (Updated)