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Is an Ed Koch Sex Scandal Next?


You dirty boy.Photo: Getty Images

Eliot Spitzer slept with hookers. Jim and Dina McGreevey had threesomes with their driver. Governor David Paterson’s list of conquests is starting to look like it could be longer than Wilt Chamberlain’s. It’s enough to make you wonder: Are there any politicians not harboring scandalous sexual secrets? Well, what about Ed Koch, you might say. Look at that doughy face, those kind, twinkly eyes. There’s no way he secretly has, say, a Slovakian love child. Or does he???

Today, Intel received the following e-mail.

Was this written by the self-same scammers who want to transfer us large sums of money from Nigeria or INVEST IN OUR COUNTRY? Sure. But in the current climate, ladies and gentlemen, you never know.

Is an Ed Koch Sex Scandal Next?