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The ‘GQ’ Whipped List Includes Some of New York’s Meekest

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We were just tipped off to GQ’s list of “the twenty-five most emasculated, disempowered, henpecked husbands on the planet” by Portfolio’s Jeff Bercovici. He was fascinated by the fact that Wendi Deng, our best friend, pushed Rupert Murdoch around so much. Well, yeah. Doesn’t everyone know that it’s the powerful men who love to be dominated? But what other New York men did GQ out as submissives? Despite the obvious and frankly just-for-show sexism (because everyone knows that all dudes who work for GQ are either gay or Sensitive) we clicked over, and we were not disappointed.

Marc Anthony! Well, duh. Somebody’s got to change Max and Emme’s diapers, and we’ll give you a hint: It’s not going to be the one with the expensive French manicure.
Howard Stern. Again, duh. When the woman waking up next to you looks like Beth Ostrovsky and you look like, well, Sideshow Bob, you’ll do anything you can to keep the relationship going.
Woody Allen. Soon-Yi drinks his milkshake. We wouldn’t, but she does. And for that, friends, she can do all the pecking she wants.
Jack Welch. See above, re keeping it up.
Mark Consuelos. It’s one thing to have a wife as big as you are. It’s another to be as small as your wife — and bring in about one-eighth of the income.
Rudy Giuliani. She can talk about her “big testosterone factor” husband all she wants, it’s pretty clear who’s wearing the pants. Right, schnoopikins?
Larry King. Proud of it! And why not? He’s 100 years old! Dude needs someone to wipe the dribble off his chin before he goes on air, bless him.

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The ‘GQ’ Whipped List Includes Some of New York’s Meekest