The Long Hand of the Trumps Slaps Madame Tussauds Right in Her Wax Face

Ivana and Ivanka Trump

What’s wrong with a little nail polish every once in a
while? A wax lady likes nice things!Photo: Patrick McMullan

In the most hilarious press release we’ve received all week, today we learned that Ivanka Trump actually doesn’t send nail polish to Madame Tussauds weekly to spruce up the wax mannequin in her likeness. We can only imagine the nasty personal phone calls that the Donald made to some poor executive at Tussauds in order to cause them to squeak out this apology. They probably involved a lot of scathing sarcasm and scowling head bobs that you could just hear through the phone. Below, the statement:

Madame Tussauds New York would like to set the record straight. On Friday, the Daily News called and was inadvertently given incorrect information by a Tussauds employee. Unfortunately, the employee thought the Daily News was asking about a different figure. Madame Tussauds New York does not in fact have a figure of Ivanka Trump… yet. We apologize for the confusion. Madame Tussauds loves the Trumps and is very proud of its figures of Donald and Ivana Trump, as well as its more than 200 lifelike figures.

OH MY GOD — are they saying Ivana Trump is sending nail polish for her wax likeness at the museum? That’s even better!

We asked the rep for the museum if that was the case. “When Madame Tussauds creates figures, they work with the personalities involved to ensure that the figure represents them accurately,” she explained. “When Madame Tussauds New York created Ivana Trump’s figure, Ivana provided a supply of nail polish from her own line to match her dress, which she had also donated to Tussauds.” Ah, that explains the confusion. But is there really regular touching-up going on? “Before the doors open every day, Madame Tussauds’ own studio artists touch up all of the figures,” we learned. “For example, if nail polish is chipped, they repaint it; if a hair is out of place, they restyle it; and so on. Figures are also from time to time taken off of the floor to get a shampoo up in the Madame Tussauds studios.” They SHAMPOO them? Okay, we are officially no longer skeptical about the kinds of people who work at wax museums. They are geniuses.

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The Long Hand of the Trumps Slaps Madame Tussauds Right in Her Wax Face