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The Spitzer Cycle Continues, With Or Without You


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Okay, just because you’re not as titillated by Eliot Spitzer’s trampage as you were last week, you still want to know what’s going on, right? Like, where the H is Kristen right now? Is Eliot Spitzer still chasing tail? And what’s going on with Silda? Is she recovering with her mom in a condo in Florida right now with a glass of iced Chardonnay and a Danielle Steele novel? Here’s what you may have missed over the weekend while you were too busy wandering around the East Village with green beads around your neck looking for a bar whose name began with a “Mc.”

• Federal investigators are looking into payment records to a Spitzer consultant named Kristian Stiles, who used to put a lot of travel, lodging, and entertainment expenses for the governor onto her own credit card and ask for reimbursement later. [NYT]
• The Times took this opportunity to chat with three high-end prostitutes about their jobs, and they wrote a story that included this gem: “Undoubtedly, their willingness to speak publicly came with unusually upbeat perspectives on prostitution, which for many women is devastatingly exploitative.” As they say, no one beats a happy hooker. [NYT]

• A jailed Brazilian madam who expected to be deported this weekend is being held in a Bergen County jail because FBI investigators allegedly want to ask her about Eliot Spitzer’s involvement in another prostitution ring. [NYDN]
• “Kristen,” a.k.a. Ashley Dupré, used to be a close friend and Hamptons guest of Spitzer’s powerful fund-raiser James Chanos. [NYP]
• Some legal experts are arguing that federal prosecutors, by including more detail about Client 9 than others mentioned in the Emperors Club affidavit, were trying to “humiliate” the governor. [NYS]
• Spitzer will not be in attendance at David Paterson’s swearing-in today at 1 p.m. [NYP]

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The Spitzer Cycle Continues, With Or Without You