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The Tribeca Grand: Now With More Butt

Tribeca Grand

Photo Courtesy Copyranter

Okay, this is an ad for the Tribeca Grand that a Mark over at Copyranter clipped out of City magazine. Our questions include the following:

1) Where is, exactly, the Tribeca Grand in this picture?
2) Are we to infer, from the sheet this woman is wielding, that your massage therapists at the Grand will be naked?
3) And seductively Asian?
4) Who in Tribeca is driving a wood-paneled Buick station wagon, like the one on the lower right?
5) And is she barefoot on cobblestones downtown? Ew!

TriBeCa Grand Hotel apparently offers Naked Turndown Service. [Copyranter]

The Tribeca Grand: Now With More Butt