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TV Reports: The Spitzer Resignation Process Has Begun

The Press Outside Spitzer's Apartment

The expectant, frenzied press outside of Eliot Spitzer’s Upper East Side apartment.Photo: Getty Images

Eliot Spitzer has begun telling officials that he will, indeed, resign today, sources say. According to NBC in New York, Eliot Spitzer will issue the statement in written form, rather than during a press conference. (CNN disagrees, claiming that a conference will be held at 11:30.) The television station also reports that the resignation may not go into effect until Monday. Meanwhile, ABC adds that Lieutenant Governor David Paterson has confirmed that the resignation is imminent. A letter, drafted yesterday, is expected be submitted to the secretary of state today. Later today, CBS adds, Paterson will be sworn in as governor up in Albany.

Spitzer to Resign Today [ABC]
Spitzer to Resign Effective Monday [NBC]

TV Reports: The Spitzer Resignation Process Has Begun