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Warren Buffett Reprises Role on ‘All My Children’


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It’s more exciting than when Billy Clyde Tuggle returned from prison! Gagillionaire grampy Warren Buffett will appear on All My Children this spring, in a role he first played in 1992. (He’s a friend of the show’s creator, Agnes Nixon.) In this very special episode, Warren will star opposite Emmy-nominated actress Susan Lucci, who has played Erica Kane since before any of us were born and might actually be Erica Kane. Erica has been wrongly convicted of insider trading, after which she accidentally ended up a fugitive when the convict she was handcuffed to escaped from prison. Hey, it could happen. Warren Buffet, playing himself, makes a deal to free Erica from prison. But the outcome, Reuters tells us, “is not what Erica had anticipated.” Hmm. We hope that doesn’t mean what we think it means. We’ve had enough senior sex around these parts lately.

Warren Buffett Drawn Back to Soap Opera Intrigue [Reuters]

Warren Buffett Reprises Role on ‘All My Children’