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Washingtonienne Resurfaces!


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In our excitement over nubile, young Spitzer hooker Ashley Alexandra Dupre, we completely forgot about that other politician-probed prostitute that captivated America’s hearts and loins not so long ago: Jessica Cutler, who gained notoriety by writing about the anal preferences of Washington muckety-mucks on her blog, Washingtonienne, back in 2004. But now she’s back.

Apparently, Cutler, who the Post reports is “still alluring” after aging four whole years, appears in a picture on alleged madam Kristin Davis’s MySpace page and is pictured as “Brooke” on a Website for Davis’s alleged escort business, Wicked Models.

They are going to want to see me for questioning,” Cutler said, referring to the authorities who arrested Davis two days ago. According to her, Davis used to talk about how Eliot Spitzer was a client. “She’d tell about how he used her agencies,” Cutler told the Post. None of this is really that surprising. But what is surprising is that it took this long for Cutler to resurface during this high-class call-girl frenzy. We seem to recall that she was even better at attention-whoring than, you know, whoring-whoring.

Madam Link to DC Vixen [NYP]

Washingtonienne Resurfaces!