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Kristen Is Rich



Last night, Ashley Alexandra Dupré, a.k.a. “Kristen,” told the New York Times she was worried about paying her rent in the fancy Flatiron district building in which she lives. But in fact, in the less than 24 hours since that interview took place, Dupre’s personal wealth has increased considerably. The two songs on her Amie Street profile, which each cost 98 cents, have reportedly been downloaded more than two million times, and according to that site’s business model, Dupré should receive 70 percent of the total profit. Plus! Playboy and Penthouse are both reportedly interested in setting up photo shoots. “We’ve already discussed some options,” Penthouse publisher Diane Silberstein tells Radar, adding that they’d pay in the “high six figures.” Book publishers, however, are dragging their feet. “I don’t think it’s worth anything,” HarperCollins publisher Jonathan Burnham tells Portfolio today, making us want to wrap our hands around his neck and administer a light throttle. “There’s no story there.” Seriously? Does no one remember for instance the best-selling Diary of a Manhattan Call Girl, soon to be an HBO series with Darren Star? Hookers are so hot right now.

Anyway, the point is: Dupre shouldn’t have to worry about rent money, now. Although she might want to worry a little bit about her neighbors, one of whom was just on NY1 sounding a little judgmental. “She’d be gone for, like, periods of time?” one, called Christina Wang, told the station. “And I don’t know where she would be? It’s weird.” Let’s just hope Dupre doesn’t own her place. We all know how co-op boards can be.

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Kristen Is Rich