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Yankee Stadium: The Long Good-bye

Yankee Stadium

Yankee Stadium yesterday.Photo: AP

And so it begins: the final season in the old Yankee stadium (built in 1923) begins today. The first regular game, against the Blue Jays, starts today at 1:05 p.m. The Times looked into some of the historic spots in the old hall (whose façade will be reproduced in the new nearby stadium when it opens next spring) yesterday, and included a video slideshow of some of the secret highlights. Today, the Post’s Joel Sherman takes the opportunity to wonder about the youth of the Yankee bullpen in this historic year. We also hear the team and fans are a little nervous about another new beginning, that of manager Joe Girardi. But in the Daily News, columnist Mike Lupica lays it out simply: “Before the Yankees move across the street, before they take all that past and all that history and even the monuments in the outfield with them, there is only one ceremony that would matter at the old Stadium, and it would be one more World Series.”

Makes sense to us.

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Yankee Stadium: The Long Good-bye