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You, Too, Can Gripe Publicly About Christopher Hitchens

Christopher Hitchens

Because “Punch Hitch In His Newly Smooth
Testicles” didn’t make for as slick of a logo.Photo: Vanity Fair

Our friend Jeff Bercovici over at Portfolio just pointed out that Vanity Fair has finally caved and admitted that Christopher Hitchens is probably-definitely their most loathsome writer ever. (Even more than whoever writes those nightmarish Edwin Coaster correspondences. Seriously, those combined with the weird, unfunny joke pages VF suddenly decided to put in the back of the magazine really make us doubt our love for it.) So they want to hear what you think about his Hitchness.

No V.F. contributing editor arouses more reader ire than our tireless columnist Christopher Hitchens. To accommodate the overflow of outraged letters and e-mails sent to the magazine, VF Daily introduces a new feature: Hitch Bitch.

Though we love Christopher, we think we might contribute a note or two of our own. We might bring up the time he forced his freshly shorn balls upon us or that time he made us unwillingly relive the Christmas awkwardness of our childhood. Or maybe we’ll just complain about the fact that he has been showing up on the news as a political commentator this primary season. Dude, you can’t be an expert on Hillary’s campaign nuance and back waxing. Whom do you think you write for, Us Weekly?

Announcing the Hitch Bitch [VF via Mixed Media/Portfolio]

You, Too, Can Gripe Publicly About Christopher Hitchens