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After Pope’s Departure, the Cardinal Egan Countdown Begins

Cardinal Egan and Pope Benedict

Cardinal Egan and Pope Benedict this weekend.Photo: Getty Images

Now that the Pope’s gone, the city seems a little less alive, huh? There’s something missing in the air — maybe a mite less miter, a pinch less Prada? We’re just not as holy as we were yesterday. It’s kind of deflating (even though, we have to say, it will be a relief not to have to see that same smiley grimace staring up at us from the cover of every newspaper), because it was just fun to have His Holiness around, even if you weren’t Catholic. The Pope totally ran with the Jews, too! Well, as much as you may be bummed out, imagine how bad it is for Cardinal Edward Egan. He was Benedict’s de facto host in the Big Apple, squiring him around the city and staying by his side at most of his important appearances. Such a rare experience! The first time a Mass was said at Yankee Stadium by a Pope in nearly 30 years! For Egan, we imagine it would be something akin to the head of the Dolly Parton Fan Club of Beijing getting visited by Her Dollyness for the first time ever — only with better outfits. And now, after all that, Egan is facing retirement. The Times reports that since he turned 75 last year, the clock is ticking until Benedict asks him to retire. Friends aren’t sure whether he’ll stay in New York or return to the Vatican after that — to which we say, hello, retirement is all about the RV. You can live wherever you want! Holy road trip!

Egan May Be Leaving the Archdiocese Soon, Now That a Historic Visit Has Ended [NYT]

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After Pope’s Departure, the Cardinal Egan Countdown Begins